About Us

ON THE ROAD ARCHIVES, is a powerful database created by Manolis Daloukas.
The main archives are

1- Archives of Simos Tsapnidis. Thousands of photographs all over Europe. Simos Tsapnidis was the leader of Greek Existentialists, and a great photographer. He made his photographs, during his travels (1956-1978).
Simos archives, include also, documents, sketches and paintings.

2-Archives of Gregoris Lambrakis. Hundreds of photographs, documents and sketches (1940-1965). There are also archives related with the movement 114 and the organizations "Youth of Gregoris Lambrakis" , and "Organization Bertrand Russell in Greece".

3.Archives of Greek Anti-military youth  (1967-74). Hundreds of photographs, documents and paintings from the period of Junta military regime.

4-Archives of Manolis Daloukas. Thousands of photographs, documents and paintings (1975-today). All these archives are related with art, politics and social behaviors. Manolis Daloukas is a Greek writer and journalist.