Thursday, 13 September 2012

Nikolas Asimos. Athens, 1983

 Nikolas Asimos (Νικόλας Άσιμος) (1949-1988) and crew at Kosmopolitan (summer theater), Athens, Greece. Asimos (the man with the white shirt) was the leader of the art group KROK, that flourished in Athens between 1976 and 1988.
 Krok primarily involved music, theater, visual arts, and poetry.
 The man with the cane, is Litis (Λήτης), a punk-rock  singer. Man with the guitar is Tolis Voultzatis, and the girl is Litsa Perraki).
A sound document of Asimos's live performance, is  Romios (The Greek), a song born out of Asimos's negative reaction to the horrors of some "greeks" (video at the bottom of the post) . 

Photographs by Manolis Daloukas, 1983

    Romios (Ο Ρωμιός)
    Live at summer theater Kosmopolitan, 1983.

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