Monday, 17 September 2012

Morka- Just Like Ann (Dorian Kokas).

Morka (Dorian Kokas, Michalis Orphanides, George Tambakopoulos, Antonis Bravos, Paul Papadeas and Pamela Leake) was one of the best groups of the psychedelic period in Greece (1970-73).
Leader of the group was Dorian Kokas.
All members were greeks, except Pamela, who fled England, after she finished school and traveled  to Greece, but then, she never went back

Pamela Leake, was the female voice of the band, and an amazing painter. Her painting "Virgo" (1972),  is a psychedelic glance at Plaka, the historical neighborhood of Athens, under the shade of Acropolis. Plaka, was  the  center of the greek psychedelia of the era. 

Dorian Kokas (photo) wrote many songs  in English language. One of the best, is "Just like Ann" ...

She cries sweetly, where the angels fear to tread
She wakes quietly, there's not a wrinkle in her bed
She puts on her make-up, like Ann did it in the past
and she walks like an angel, come at last

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